Immersion Program Created By Ashley Shoultz


Program Created By Ashley Shoultz
Immersion (noun) im·mer·sion 
Complete involvement in an activity that occupies all the energy, or concentration available.

Immersion is all about “re-programming” your body’s metabolism! 

STRONG metabolism = easy fat-loss that lasts // WEAK metabolism = difficult fat-loss that’s a struggle to maintain. Dieting and exercising for fat-loss WILL cause your metabolism to slow or adapt. Unless you learn to eat and train TOGETHER in a way that will BOOST your metabolic rate, your results will become painfully slow and eventually stop. 
Through groundbreaking, metabolic targeting, the Immersion method has resulted in incredible mind and body transformations…all over the world! Whether your goal is to look amazing in a swimsuit, or just to experience what it is like to feel your best, this system can help you achieve it….and make it last!

In Phase I: You will jump-start your fitness transformation with an incremental, calorie – reducing system combined with progressively intense fitness classes. 
In Phase II: Feel the Burn, your overall nutrition plan will change to match your new and improved BMR. Your training intensity will increase too. You’ll pick up the pace by adding in an extra day of glute-specific weight training with time-under-tension plyo plans to continue to maximize fat-loss while adding curve and shape in all the right places.  
In Phase III: Metabolic Boost, your macro nutrition and fitness regimens get an overhaul to help “turbo-charge” your metabolism.  
Then….you jump back to Phase I with goals and techniques that leverage your new, healthier BMR!

The most amazing part is that you are never alone! With Immersion you will become a part of our online family! You’ll be connected with other like-minded, motivated people to form a community of support, and accountability.

Unique, complete, effective, sustainable; experience the phases of change with Immersion.

Ready to begin???
Our IN-STUDIO group-class option includes 3 muscle-specific workouts a week, combined with dance-style cardio techniques to boost overall fitness and well being. Can’t make a class? No problem. We offer an online STREAMING option that puts you right in the action so you can train at home, or on the road. Both options provide you access to our world-class nutritionists, so you’ll always get the service you need to achieve success.

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